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The following clients were released on February 18, 2020: 

  • Native Clients Using Windows®, macOS®, Android™, and iOS
  • WebRTC for Google Chrome™

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New Releases WebRTC Version 19.3.1 (for Native Clients Using Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS) 

  • Advanced Parameters for Enabling Preferred Layout Mode for Call Participants
    • Display the active speaker as a large tile during a call by using the preferred layout mode and the VidyoLocalRenderer object.
    • Depending upon your window size, the large active speaker tile may display to the left or middle of the screen, and the remote participant tiles will either display in smaller tiles underneath, or to the right of the active speaker.
    • Use the VidyoConnectSetAdvancedOptions API (JSON) and the numPreferred parameter as follows:  
      • To set a maximized application window with no black borders, use numPreferred:1 and maxCropping:75.
      • To set a maximized application window with black borders, use numPreferred:1 and no maxCropping
      • The default value is numPreferred:0.
  • Resolved Issues
    • Enghouse Vidyo resolved several bugs to improve performance and usability. 
      • Customers using iPhone SE version 12.4.1 and iPad Air version 12.4.3 can now successfully install and launch the VidyoConnect application. 
      • MacOS users can now share application windows in full screen. 
      • An issue was resolved where certain Android 10 customers could not join calls via T-Mobile® cellular networks. 
      • An issue was fixed where the application crashed when sharing content during calls on certain devices: Samsung® Galaxy Tab S2 (7.0), Samsung Galaxy S8 (9.0), and Samsung Galaxy S7 (8.0).
      • A VidyoConnect desktop crashing issue has been fixed that occurred when a user joined an incoming call on Windows or macOS.

WebRTC for Google Chrome Version 19.3.1 

  • Resolved Issue
    • An issue was fixed where Chrome would intermittently freeze during a share.


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