To increase console logging verbosity for Chrome endpoints - You can use the constructor of the VidyoConnector to change the logging level for example:

viewId: "renderer", // Div ID where the composited video will be rendered, see VidyoConnector.html;
viewStyle: "VIDYO_CONNECTORVIEWSTYLE_Default", // Visual style of the composited renderer
remoteParticipants: 8, // Maximum number of participants to render
logFileFilter: "<insert filter string here>",

You will pass a filter string which is created using a space-separated (or comma-separated) sequence of names of log levels, each optionally followed by a category. Categories are separated from levels by the character '@'.

Either a level or category may be specified as 'all' or '*' (interchangeably), meaning all levels or categories. A level specified without a category is equivalent to a level@*.

The levels are: 'fatal', 'error', 'warning', 'info', 'debug', 'sent', 'received', 'enter', and 'leave'.

Valid categories are: VidyoClient, VidyoJingle, VidyoSDP, VidyoResourceManager, VidyoConnector, VidyoApplication, VidyoDevelopment

The level may be prefixed by '-' or '!' (interchangeably), meaning to remove the given level (or levels, see below) from the given category. The string 'none' is equivalent to '-all'.

The first level in the list may be prefixed by '+'. If the first level begins with a '+' or '-'/'!', the string is used to modify the listener's existing levels and categories. Otherwise, unless the add parameter is true, the levels and categories specified in the string replace all existing levels and categories for the listener. The leading character '+' may be present before other levels, but is ignored.

Unless they are preceded by '=', level names imply other levels as well. In particular, each of the levels 'fatal', 'error', 'warning', 'info', and 'debug' implies the levels higher than it, when specified positively; 'sent' and 'received' always imply each other; and 'enter' and 'leave' always imply each other.

See VidyoConnectorGetLogCategories for determining the names and descriptions of registered categories.

Level names are case-insensitive; category names are case-sensitive.

Example: 'all' - all levels, all categories.

Example: 'all -enter' - all categories, all levels but enter and leave.

Example: '*@VidyoClient' - all levels for the VidyoClient category.

Example: '-*@VidyoClient' - remove all levels from the VidyoClient category.

Example: 'debug' - all categories, fatal, error, warning, info, and debug levels.

Example: '=debug' - all categories, debug level only.

Example: 'all -=enter' - all categories, all levels but enter (leave is still included).

Example: 'error@VidyoClient' - fatal and error only for the VidyoClient category.

Example: 'warning debug@VidyoClient' - fatal, error, and warning for all categories; additionally, info and debug for the VidyoClient category.

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