If a vidyo.io™ user using a binary client (either desktop or mobile) joins a video conference before one native WebRTC user on a Chrome™ browser joins the same conference, the WebRTC user's tile will appear black. This is due to a bug which has surfaced in version 72.0.3626.109 of the Chrome™ browser.


If this occurs, the WebRTC (browser) user should mute and then unmute their camera. Doing so will make the WebRTC user visible to all the participants in the conference.

Products Affected

  • Vidyo.io users using native WebRTC on Chrome version 72.0.3626.109

How to Avoid This Issue

  • The WebRTC clients join the conference first and then the binary clients join.
  • The binary clients join the conference first and then more than one WebRTC client joins.

Next Steps

Vidyo has slated this issue to be fixed in an upcoming release. If any other changes occur, Vidyo will provide details in this alert notification.


Update [Solved]

The issue has been fixed via updating the VidyoClient.js file in the version, customers should be consuming it from: 





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