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Vidyo is Pleased to Announce Client Version 4.1.25  

In client version 4.1.25, Vidyo is happy to introduce a number of enhancements including updating the OpenSSL version, supporting Unicode characters, adding an API to limit bitrate on WebRTC, and providing the ability to enable and disable location requests. Read below for more information about these beneficial updates.  

What's New? 

OpenSSL Update  

For improved security, this release supports the latest version of OpenSSL, which is OpenSSL 1.0.2p.


Support for Unicode Characters for Display Names

Display names are the names of the participants that appear overlaid on each tile during a video call. With the addition of support for Unicode characters, these display names can now appear correctly in Chinese, Japanese, and other languages.


API to Limit Bitrate on WebRTC  

We now support SetMaxBitrate for WebRTC clients. Using this API allows you to limit the maximum transmit bandwidth.


Enable and Disable Location Requests  

There may be times when you’d prefer that your web application not query your customers for location permissions. This is now possible with version 4.1.25, as you now have the ability to disable native WebRTC from making a location request.



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Want More Info?

To get additional details about the new features and the known and resolved issues for this release, see the Release Notes: version article on the Support Center.

Need Help?

If you would like further information or need additional assistance, please contact VidyoCloud Support at 1-844-488-2227 or +1-201-620-6955.

The VidyoCloud Support Team

Phone   1-844-488-2227 or +1-201-620-6955 if calling from outside the USA

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