With the release of iOS 12.x - and in particular 12.1, Apple made some changes to the AVAudioSession which effects how Vidyo handles audio routing. This change has caused a critical issue with older versions of the VidyoClient iOS SDK (pre 4.1.23) which manifests as a consistent application crash when connecting to Vidyo calls.

This issue was addressed in 4.1.23 and it is Vidyo's recommendation that any client seeing this issue immediately upgrade to the latest VidyoClient iOS SDK.

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    Usama Jamil

    I updated the SDK but getting the same error. 

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    Bablu S

    App crashes with an error “Invalid logfile”.Anyone have the same issue.How to fix this.

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    Tharindu Ketipearachchi

    Hi I experience a crash for iOS 13. Can you do any help with that? Once I comment the following line, crash is not occurred.


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