"Native WebRTC" is a redesign of Vidyo's WebRTC solution, which will improve scalability, quality, stability and performance in your vidyo.io browser experience.

Native WebRTC will be Generally Available (GA) in August for Chrome and beta for Safari, but it is available today in a Limited Availability (LA) fashion for both of these browsers (Firefox and Edge will be supported at a later date). In this LA version, the set of APIs is not on par with the current JavaScript API. In particular, only the default/composited layout is supported, whereas custom layout is not.

Enabling and testing Native WebRTC could easily be done in one of two ways, both of which require using version or greater of the VidyoClient Web SDK (VidyoClient.js):

(1) Add the "useNativeWebRTC=true" flag to your app's URL. For example, you would launch the VidyoConnector demo web app as follows and select "Join via the browser": 


(2) Load the VidyoClient.js script into your web app with the "useNativeWebRTC=true" flag in the URL: 

script.src = 'https://static.vidyo.io/';

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