The iOS SDK currently does not contain Swift language bindings, but that would not prevent a developer from integrating into a Swift application. This can easily be done using an Objective-C bridging header. The steps to do so are outlined below:

  1. Create an empty project named VidyoConnectorSwift.
  2. Download the latest iOS SDK package:
  3. Extract the package and place VidyoClientIOS.framework in the VidyoConnectorSwift directory (parallel to VidyoConnectorSwift.xcodeproj). (The framework should be placed inside the working project directory to be easily linked.)
  4. In the General -> Linked Frameworks and libraries settings, add  VidyoClientIOS.framework as well as the following required iOS frameworks:
  • SystemConfiguration.framework
  • UIKit.framework
  • CoreMedia.framework
  • CoreLocation.framework
  • AudioToolbox.framework
  • AVFoundation.framework
  1. Create a new header file called VidyoConnectorSwift-Bridge-Header.h in the VidyoConnectorSwift directory, which will be the Objective-C bridging header. In “Build Settings -> Swift Compiler - General -> Objective-C Bridging Header”. (If you don’t see “Swift Compiler - General” - switch to “Show all build settings” as the filter.)

Populate this field with the file name, including path: VidyoConnectorSwift/VidyoConnectorSwift-Bridge-Header.h

Open the header file and populate it as follows:

#import "Foundation/Foundation.h"

#import "VidyoClientIOS.framework/Headers/Lmi/VidyoClient/VidyoConnector_Objc.h"

VidyoClientIOS.framework is located in your working directory so make sure that the path is correct and relative.

  1. Initialize the Vidyo Client library in the view controller and build the project to ensure that your framework is linked:

override func viewDidLoad() {




The project should build without errors.

  1. Add privacy permissions for the camera and microphone in the Info.plist file.
  • Privacy - Microphone Usage Description
  • Privacy - Camera Usage Description
  1. Enable Keychain Sharing, which is required for framework keychain access: Capabilities -> Keychain sharing -> ON
  • Add one more KeyChain Group: “+”
  • Clear the field and enter “VidyoLicense
  1. Now that the framework has been integrated, you are ready to build a video chat application using Swift! For reference, take a look at the Swift sample in GitHub:
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