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In there are no predefined users or conferences. For every endpoint wishing to connect, you must generate an access token. To generate an access token, add code for a preferred username and expiration time (see Tokens on the Developers Documentation page). After you generate a token on your back-end server, pass it along with the resourceId to the endpoint application. All of the endpoints connecting to the same resourceId become participants in a live conference; the resourceId string does not have to be provisioned ahead of time.


A token is a short-lived authentication credential which grants access to the service on your behalf. When an endpoint requests access to the service, the application back end generates a token and passes it on to the client application.

For each application, you must create a DeveloperKey and ApplicationID in the API Key section of the site and securely store it in your application's back end. Then, each time you want to grant access to the service, you generate a Token from the DeveloperKey and ApplicationID as described below and pass it to your endpoint application or the VidyoConnector application.

Developer Key

A DeveloperKey is a shared secret between and your back-end application. Use the DeveloperKey to generate access tokens on the customer back end; do not send the DeveloperKey to the endpoint itself. Access to the Developer Key must be restricted; every token it signs can be used for access and billing.


ApplicationID identifies the developer to the platform. The developer can automatically provision any user, such as user1@ApplicationID, when generating the token.

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