The VidyoClient.js javascript library seamlessly switches between the plugin and WebRTC; the plugin is preferred. While the plugin offers generally better performance, the following table explains possible options:

Mode/Browser Chrome Chrome on Android * Firefox Safari Safari on iOS * IE Edge
Plugin no no no no no yes no
WebRTC yes beta yes beta no no beta

* For best performance and video quality on mobile devices, we recommend using the native mobile SDKs for iOS and Android.

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    Juan Arenas

    Apple has removed all NPAPI support for Safari 12. Does it impact the plugin if trying to use the VidyoClient.js on Safari 12? 

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    Vittal Setru

    Is the safari still a beta version for webRTc?  can we accomplish a video call on safari by sending a link to the user, without the need for plugin download? This is crucial for our workflow and wanted to know if anybody has accomplished this. 

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