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Packet Loss

Packet Loss is the event where one or more packets are not received by the intended recipient as expected due to congested network or failure in transmission. 
The following should be measured and presented for packet-loss:

GREEN Packets lost per second No Loss - < 1%
YELLOW Packets lost per second > 1%
RED Packets lost per second > 5%


Packet Latency

Latency is the measure of delay on the network, usually measured in milliseconds and for round trip time.

IDEAL Less than 100ms
OK 100ms-250ms
WARNING 250-450ms
NO GOOD More than (>) 450ms

NOTE: VidyoProxy will not support latency greater than (>) 200ms>


Jitter is a measure of the variability over time of packet latency across a network. A network with constant latency has no variation (or jitter). Packet jitter is expressed as an average of the deviation from the network mean latency. 
hen jitter occurs during video/audio communication the effect is lost audio, halted audio, unnatural audio. 
It is highly desirable to eliminate or minimize such events during live video/audio communications. 
Monitoring the jitter provides an indication of the quality of the network.

IDEAL No Jitter, latency is relatively consistent, less than (<) 10ms
WORKABLE Jitter less than 100ms
WARNING Jitter 101-200ms
NO GOOD Jitter more than (>) 200ms


Available Bandwidth

Available bandwidth is the amount of bandwidth available to the client.  The client statistics show the maximum available that the client may use, not the full amount available to the client host system. 

For Vidyo, the uplink bandwidth is more straight-forward.  For downlink, it is very subjective, and depends on what is being viewed (the number of participants, window size, etc). 


Best for HD Tx 1-1.2 Mbps Up/Send
Best for SD Tx 600-800 Kbps Up/Send
OK Tx 400-600 Kbps Up/Send
MED Tx 250-400 Kbps Up/Send
LOW Tx 150-250 Kbps Up/Send
NO GOOD Tx Less than 150 Kbps Up/Send – Audio Only

NOTE: Add 200 Kbps when data sharing  


IDEAL HD Rx 4 Mbps Down/Receive
IDEAL SD Rx 2-2.4 Mbps Down/Receive
OK Rx 400 Kbps -2 Mbps Down/Receive
MED Rx 250-400 Kbps Down/Receive
LOW Rx 150-250 Kbps Down/Receive
NO GOOD Rx Less than 150 Kbps Down/Receive – Audio Only
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