Though it is in the roadmap to add some levels of room moderation to, at the present moment it is not supported directly via its API.

However, an easy way to incorporate moderation is to leverage the Group Chat feature to send control messages which have some specific meaning. For example, if you wish to disconnect a particular participant from a call, you may send a message such as "Disconnect : <PARTICIPANT_USER_NAME>". All participants in the room will receive this message, but only the application of <PARTICIPANT_USER_NAME> would act upon the disconnect request. In contrast, all "standard" chat messages may be prefaced by some other predefined string, such as "GroupChat", so such a message may look something like this : "GroupChat : who knew that video chat integration can be this easy?!"

The recommended way of getting participants' user names is by registering for participant events with the VidyoConnectorRegisterParticipantEventListener API and get the participant->userId value from the OnParticipantJoined callbacks. For example, a userId value of "" contains a user name of "roger19".

Examples of how to use Group Chat can be found in the "Group Chat" section of

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