The below table shows a setup for stateful connections to

With, the connection will be initiated from the client/endpoint side. This means that in most network environments, applications will work without requiring the network team to modify the configuration. Keep in mind, however, that in some environments which are more restrictive outbound, this information may be needed to control and to perform changes that allow to work.



Please note we also use AWS Services which do not guarantee static IPs, their subnets can be found here



50000-65535 UDP Media




  • Media ports are negotiated between the endpoint and the servers.
  • Some firewalls may misclassify the media traffic and apply a UDP default timeout. In these cases, calls will always drop at exactly the same time. To avoid call timeouts, change the default (0:02:00 – 2 minutes) to a time that is longer than the longest potential call.


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