Begin by downloading and installing Xamarin Studio for Mac and then…

  1. Create solution
    • File -> New Solution
    • Choose template for project : Android -> Library -> Bindings Library
    • Assign project name, solution name, and directory
  2. Copy libs to environment
    • Copy lib directory from the pre-built VidyoClient-AndroidSDK to the directory where the solution file is
  3. Import jar file and libraries
    • Right click on Jars folder and choose Add Existing Folder and select the lib folder and choose Add a Link to the File
    • Notice under the properties of vidyoclient.jar, the Build Action is Embedded Jar
    • Notice under the properties of each architecture’s file, the Build Action is EmbeddedNativeLibrary
  4. Build the bindings library project


Other relevant info:

Breakpoints are not being hit when running in debug mode. Solution is as follows:

  1. Set "Project > Active Runtime" to "Mono 4.8.0 (8f6d0f6) (/Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions/4.8.0)".
  2. Rebuild the Android app project.
  3. This is for users who wish to continue to use Xamarin Studio 6.3 for a little while before transitioning completely to Visual Studio for Mac, see:
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