While preparing an app for submission to Apple's App Store, developers must remove code that isn't for iOS devices, and that applies to the x86-based architectures of the iOS Simulator. The quickest next step is to search online for how to strip those architectures, including the search terms "lipo" and "App Store."

This is the downside of providing an Xcode framework that supports both iOS devices and the iOS Simulator, but it's not unique to the framework that Vidyo provides. The framework is relatively easy to use during development, but it requires an additional step for App Store submissions. 

Alternatively, you could build your app using the provided static libraries (plus additional Apple third-party frameworks) in the VidyoClient-iOSSDK package rather than those of the VidyoClientIOS.framework. Click here for more info.

Suggested steps:

        1. Add a Run Script step to the Build Phases for the appropriate Target. See the description for this process here: https://www.hockeyapp.net/help/runscriptbuildphase/
        2. Strip the unwanted architectures by populating the new Run Script with the script in this article: http://ikennd.ac/blog/2015/02/stripping-unwanted-architectures-from-dynamic-libraries-in-xcode/
        3. Clean in Xcode: Product > Clean
        4. Build in Xcode: Product > Build
        5. Deploy to app store
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